Saturday, September 27, 2008

by popular demand...

I know, i know...i've been slackin. But I have good reasons. Yesterday wrapped the two most stressful weeks thus far of my life.

We closed on our house (YAY) on sept 8 and immediately began moving things in. On sept 11, movers came to the apartment and got all the rest of the stuff. On the 12th, Robbie's parents came for the weekend. I was slated to start my new job on the 18th ( following Thursday).

Tuesday night the 16th I got a call from my parents. My grandmother had fallen. It wasn't looking good. I flew up to Arlington on the 17th and postponed starting work. My dear, sweet grandmother, who celebrated her 90th Birthday on Sept 14, passed away this past Sunday, the 21st. I was in Arlington until this past Wednesday (24th).

We finally got back home and things were just a mess. Luckily, we were almost done unpacking but the house is still not where I want it.

THEN (oh yes, there's more), yesterday Robbie had surgery to repair torn cartilege in his shoulder. He is basically out of commission for 4 weeks. He has to remain in a sling 24/7, so all my hopes of getting all of the furniture where I want it are going to be put on hold for awhile. Although, we've had plenty of offers for help, so we'll get it worked out.

Oh, and I start my job on Monday.

Sorry for the no pictures, I will put some up soon I promise. I'm in survival mode for now.


Kara said...

wow.... you are officially excused for your absence, busy girl. You've had a lot going on.

Hope it all goes well!

angelajo1208 said...

You have to tell us how the job goes!

glo.riah said...

sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing
and your grandfather's fall.
hope the next few weeks are
blissfully boring
for your sake!!

vanityofvanities said...

Still waiting for those pictures. ;)